Rise and fall story of “Fergana prince”

Akbar Abdullaev is the son of Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov’s wife’s sister.  He was once referred as “the only viable candidate” to succeed Karimov.
There are numerous stories about him circulating on internet, revealing him as a “young oligarch”, “notorious playboy”, and a criminal who brags about the number of people he has had murdered.

Last year, almost all the media covering the events in Central Asia, reported the “sensational news” about prosecution of “nephew of the First Lady of Uzbekistan” Akbarali Abdullayev. After some time, the story got overshadowed by another “sensation” about arrest of Gulnara Karimova and the collapse of her criminal business empire. Gulnara Karimova is now a hot top story that has attention of the world mass media including BBC. Meanwhile, the trial on Akbarali Abdullayev is ongoing these days in Tashkent, it seems forgotten, undeservedly because because his “case” immediately preceded the final fall of Gulnara.
1Akbarali Abdullayev was born in the provincial town of Khorezm region in the family of an employee of the regional Sanitary Epidemiological Station. He grew up as an ordinary provincial guy. In the mid-90s his parents moved with him to Tashkent closer to their “Royal” relatives’ family. The boy quickly realized how wide horizons expand ahead of him. This where his notorious “from-fags-to riches”- story has begun. Young and immature he suddenly got access to everything that comes together with affiliation to “Royal” family in a country such as Uzbekistan. Not overburdened with brains and principles, untouchable by official and unofficial authorities, Akbarali Abdullayev in cooperation with regional criminal authority clan of Akramovs got all big businesses in Fergana Valley under his control. The original owners of the businesses were forced into handing them over, murdered, or generally blackmailed into submission. Akbarali started making money in counts of millions of dollars. Eventually he had to enroll someone “more intelligent” who would help him to export the money abroad.https://rpg15.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/2.jpg

Raimicher Boris Moldovian born citizen of Germany Akbarali Abdullaev’s partner in crime

That is how he got Raimicher Boris helping him in exporting, investing and laundry of his criminally earned money. RaimicherBorisis Moldavia born citizen of Germany by naturalization. Raimicher Boris established a pipeline for the money flowing to Europe and invested in all sorts of properties acquisition.


Hotel in Riga owned by Akbar Abdullaev Ofcourse it is Royal!

Akbarali Akbarov’s girlfriend Evelina Kabirova got a mansion in Barvikha, a sumptuous residential area near Moscow, which is popular with Russian oligarchs. Evelina is rumored to have been receiving staggering 700,000 dollars in monthly payments from Akbar, and is a proud owner of a Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Panamera and a BMW 6 – impressive gestures of Mr Abdullayev’s generosity.
Considering that over three quarters of Uzbekistan’s population live on less than 2 dollars a day, struggling to make ends meet, this is typical kleptocratic behavior by the ruling families.


Hotel and residence of Akbar Abdullaev in Tashkent. He has got a “Khan throne” for himself in one of the suites

Soon enough Fergana business empire of Akbarali started overlapping with interests of his cousine Gulnara Karimova who was also interested in having Fegana oil industry, so akbarali and Gulnara made a deal and agreed that Akbarali will remain in charge in Fergana region but will make sure Gulnara is getting her share.https://i1.wp.com/img1.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/c/7/98/120/98120355_large_karimova.jpg

Thus, Akbarali entered Gulnara’s retinue became her “governor” in the Fergana Valley. Carried out her most “delicate” and dirty assignments assassinations of unwanted, and served for her as a brutal debt collector.

The scale of the crime that Akbarali was involved in, soon enough got “out of control”, many of his partners got arrested and he had to flee from Uzbekistan. However very soon he returns because Gulnara reassured him of protection. “Unfortunately”,  Gulnara herself got in troubles with all the corruption scandals  unfolding around her and both Akbarali and Gulnara end up getting arrested. Although Gulnara, as a naughty girl just got grounded by papa and is under “house arrest”.


“Ichan Kala” hotel of Akbar Abdullaev A bright example of his frustrated khan-ambitions

It doesn’t seem like the end of Akbarali Abdullaev’s rise and fall story. The questions are still open; about the faith of those millions of euros exported to Europe? What about Raimicher Boris who is happy, health and free man with all the money looted by Akbarali? Is it fair that he is not convicted?
One thing is clear there is no doubt that Akbar Abdullaev has disqualified himself from chance to succeed the throne.

Узбекские солдаты в коридоре здания суда в Ташкенте. Фото: Shamil Baigin / Reuters

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About Ahmed Islamov

I was born and raised in Uzbekistan and lived in that country for about two thirds of my life. I left the country about 14 years ago but sustained tight bonds with my family and friends living there. I know and communicate personally with hundreds of people including blue-, white- or pink-collar workers. I am naturally very attached to and concerned with everything that is going on there.
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