Results of parliament elections in Uzbekistan

“For internal use only. Uzbekistan got a “new” parliament “(RIA” Novosti ” reported): The election of a new parliament of Uzbekistan formally farewells absolute power of the president of the republic.

In fact, it was the President Islam Karimov who choose the new Parliament of the Republic long before the polls. It seems like he wanted to share some of his responsibilities with the parliament may be in case at some point he becomes unable to stay in charge due to his age or health. Apparently he wants to ensure that his people have reserved their place in the government i.e. the Oliy Majlis.

It is considered that this is his way to “protects the country from the power struggle and ensure political stability” in the event of his departure.

Same thing has been done by the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. And that did not affect any of his authority or his influence.

So December 21st voters were just a formality and people got to choose only chosen candidates.
Again in the parliament all the same parties, passing from term to term. “Ecology” in advance received their 15 seats. The remaining 135 mandates were traditionally partitioned between a party of four. Liberal-Democratic is ruling again like in the previous term, People’s Democratic Party, “National Revival” and “Justice”.

Opposition is not among them, so the term “election campaign” – it’s not about Uzbekistan.

More details in Russian


About Ahmed Islamov

I was born and raised in Uzbekistan and lived in that country for about two thirds of my life. I left the country about 14 years ago but sustained tight bonds with my family and friends living there. I know and communicate personally with hundreds of people including blue-, white- or pink-collar workers. I am naturally very attached to and concerned with everything that is going on there.
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