GDP of Uzbekistan is equal to GSP of Alaska, but the population is 40x different. What about debt?

JTPDpidThis fun map published on Business Insider, demonstrate the level of consumption of USA compared to the rest of the world. In most cases population of the Countries is greater than that of the compared states. Continue reading

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New York, Uzbek Immigrants Invigorate High School Wrestling

An influx of immigrants from Uzbekistan, which has a long history of success in fight sports, have transformed New York’s high school wrestling competition. Continue reading

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Tashkent in pictures. February 14.


Uzbek authorities have for years discouraged the “alien” Valentine’s Day celebrations such as lovers sending cards to each, saying that young people should instead enjoy the poetry of 16th-century regional conqueror Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur. And celebrate his birthday on that day, if they need some excuse to partey! Single Japanese men by the way are completely agree with Uzbekistan officials on that! Continue reading

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Stephen Cohen on the Ukraine crisis, his “unpatriotic” views and Henry Kissinger

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Uzbekistan increases gold production by 4% in 2014 – US Geological Survey

gold Uzbekistan increased gold production by 4% to 102 tonnes against 98 tones in 2013, said the report of United States Geological Survey.

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Imprisoned journalist, religion expert is freed from prison

Хайрулло ХамидовKhayrullo Khamidov, a renowned journalist and an enlightener in issues of religion, was freed from an Uzbek prison ahead of his scheduled release date. Mr. Khamidov was imprisoned as part of a group of five persons whom the Tashkent Regional Court for Criminal Cases convicted for participation in “illegal public unions or religious organizations” five years ago.

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Uzbek President appoints same team of members in Cabinet of Ministers

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov approved personal structure of the Cabinet of Ministers with his resolution from 11 February 2015.

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‘Virtual Election’ Seeks To Give Uzbeks Real Choice

Members of Uzbekistan’s opposition in exile, highly skeptical that Uzbekistan’s upcoming presidential race will be a fair one, are creating an alternative reality by holding a virtual election online. Continue reading

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Uzbekistan created Ministry of ITC

Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov has signed a decree which creates a Ministry of ITC for the country. The ministry was founded in order to develop the state management system, accelerate the introduction of modern ITC technologies including e-government, and to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure and data transmission network. The ministry will be established from the State Agency for ITC.

Details in Russian language

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Volume of sales of Uzbek automobiles in Russia fell by 38% compared to 2013

Uzbekistan produces 245,700 automobiles in 2014Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — Uzbekistan produced 245,700 automobiles in 2014 and exported over 55,000 of them, the press service of Uzavtosanoat said. Continue reading

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