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Swiss Bank heaven has money and gold from corrupt Uzbek thiefs-in-law

Blogger Alisher Taksanov in his recent publication is is trying to answer his own question: What was the real main purpose of meeting between Karimov and Didier Burkhalter, the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation, … Continue reading

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Delivery via world-wide courier companies is frozen at the Uzbek Custom House

As reported via social networks; on January 6th Uzbekistan State Custom warehouse suddenly stopped processing and clearing of parcels and mail arrived in the country via private mail couriers such as DHL, FedEx, Atlantic Express.

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Political perspectives of Gulnara Karimova

The following below is a digest of an article published in Russian. The author is addressing all aspects of Gulnara Karimova “career” to support his opinion that she can’t be considered as a candidate for presidents in Uzbekistan. I am … Continue reading

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Central Asian experts: Natalia Antelava sucked BBC into a dubious deal

          Natalia Antelava is reporting more from Ukraine these days while not forgetting about her duties as the BBC Central Asia correspondent and from time to time is reporting on events taking place in the countries of region, particularly – … Continue reading

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