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Russia’s rouble crisis poses threat to nine countries relying on remittances

Drop in rouble value not only decimating amount sent home by workers from Caucasus and central Asia, but could lead to political unrest suggest  Shaun Walker and Alberto Nardelli in their publication in Guardian.

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Opinion: Uzbekistan expects “double-digit inflation” and riots

The national currency of Uzbekistan continues devaluation  against US dollar, loosing about 10% during over the last week. IA REGNUM published prognosis by an Uzbek expert, who preferred to remain anonymous.

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US dollar exchange rate rise by 8% in 10 days.

US dollar exchange rate on the “black market” Uzbekistan has grown from 3,420 to 3,750 of Uzbek soums per $ 1. This corresponds to 8% rise in past 10 days. Black market traders, explain the change by the depreciation of … Continue reading

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More Pain Lies Ahead For Russia As S&P Downgrade To Junk Status Seen Likely

Originally posted on EMerging Equity:
More pain may lie ahead for Russia in the short term as the nation’s sovereign credit rating is on the horizon of being downgraded into junk territory for the first time in over a decade.…

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The Functioning Of The Russian Central Bank: The Ruble And The U.S. Dollar

Originally posted on EMerging Equity:
By Inna Novikova The Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not have to support the Russian economy. There is no paragraph in the Constitution of the Russian Federation (written during the 1990’s) that would tell the Central…

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Worst Currency in 2014? (One You Might Actually Use)

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Depriciated Russian ruble is dragging down the Uzbek som

 Russian expert said Arslan Magomedov: Uzbek national currency som vs USD and other currencies will be falling in relation to the economic situation in Russia. He noted that due to the devaluation of the Russian ruble Uzbek migrant workers are … Continue reading

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