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‘Virtual Election’ Seeks To Give Uzbeks Real Choice

Members of Uzbekistan’s opposition in exile, highly skeptical that Uzbekistan’s upcoming presidential race will be a fair one, are creating an alternative reality by holding a virtual election online.

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Uzbekistan created Ministry of ITC

Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov has signed a decree which creates a Ministry of ITC for the country. The ministry was founded in order to develop the state management system, accelerate the introduction of modern ITC technologies including e-government, and to … Continue reading

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Why the National media “ignored” pre-election report of Islam Karimov?

The government press has not said a word to address speech of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on February 6 at the 7th Congress of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan held in Tashkent. National newspapers have not published … Continue reading

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Despite rumors about being in coma, president Karimov presented his program today at the congress

While mass media continues discussion of “president‘s coma“, 77-year-old candidate for another term of presidency presented his program for the next 5 years.

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Is president Karimov in coma? Experts do not think so.

Russian and Western media picked up the rumors about the deteriorating health Karimov. Spreading “sensational” message that “dictator fell into coma”, citing oppositional party People’s Movement of Uzbekistan. However, experts and observers do not share their “optimism”.

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Uzbek President condemned populistic exploitation of the religious feelings and tragedy

Today Uzbek television broadcasted recording of Islam Karimov speech at the first meeting of the Senate. Meeting itself was of a procedural nature. However, something that worth mentioning in particular, is evaluation that president Karimov gave to the events that … Continue reading

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The global financial-economic crisis and Uzbekistan

The book by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov «The global financial-economic crisis, ways and measures to overcome it in the conditions of Uzbekistan» has been published in Tashkent.

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Karimov will star in the upcoming president Karimov election

Elections of Islam Karimov as the next President of Uzbekistan will be held on 29 March 2015. 

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Social media reaction to the news that Islam Karimov is going to run for president

The news of the nomination of Karimov for president became a hit on Uzbek Facebook groups. For the first three hours after the announcement of the nomination of Islam Karimov from the Liberal Democratic Party as a candidate for president of … Continue reading

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Karimov: Uzbekistan Will Never Join Soviet-Style Alliance

Uzbek President Islam Karimov says his country will never join any “alliance similar to the U.S.S.R.” In an apparent reference reference to Russia, Karimov told lawmakers that some countries are trying “to glorify Lenin and Stalin era of the U.S.S.R.” … Continue reading

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