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GDP of Uzbekistan is equal to GSP of Alaska, but the population is 40x different. What about debt?

This fun map published on Business Insider, demonstrate the level of consumption of USA compared to the rest of the world. In most cases population of the Countries is greater than that of the compared states.

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Why the National media “ignored” pre-election report of Islam Karimov?

The government press has not said a word to address speech of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on February 6 at the 7th Congress of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan held in Tashkent. National newspapers have not published … Continue reading

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Тhe largest acquisition of Chinese military equipment in the history of Central Asia.

China has reportedly provided both Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with sophisticated air defense systems, which would be the largest Chinese military equipment deal thus far in Central Asia. Reportedly, China has provided one battalion each to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan of the … Continue reading

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Despite rumors about being in coma, president Karimov presented his program today at the congress

While mass media continues discussion of “president‘s coma“, 77-year-old candidate for another term of presidency presented his program for the next 5 years.

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Is president Karimov in coma? Experts do not think so.

Russian and Western media picked up the rumors about the deteriorating health Karimov. Spreading “sensational” message that “dictator fell into coma”, citing oppositional party People’s Movement of Uzbekistan. However, experts and observers do not share their “optimism”.

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Human Rights Watch: No progress in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s atrocious rights record did not discernibly improve in 2014. Authoritarian President Islam Karimov, who entered his 25th year in power, continued to employ a widespread security apparatus to monitor and crack down on activities of real and perceived opponents.

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Uzbekistan Looks to Solar Power

John C. K. Daly: Uzbekistan is one of the post-Soviet Central Asian nations with the greatest solar power potential. The country’s solar energy resources are immense, as the sun shines an average of 8-10 hours per day, resulting in an … Continue reading

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Muslims of Uzbekistan condemn the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo and the political prostitution of the mass media

Do the cartoonists really care about the problems of our society? What are the roots of the terrorism, radicalism, crime, violence, inequality, poverty, and wars? It does not take a lot of intelligence and wisdom to understand that in “bad … Continue reading

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Russia’s rouble crisis poses threat to nine countries relying on remittances

Drop in rouble value not only decimating amount sent home by workers from Caucasus and central Asia, but could lead to political unrest suggest  Shaun Walker and Alberto Nardelli in their publication in Guardian.

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Uzbekistan’s progress to the parliamentary democracy. One “nay” blasted the social media

Media and social network users actively discuss the details of yesterday’s joint meeting of both chambers of the Uzbek parliament attended by President Islam Karimov.

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