Double Standards of Justice: Will Akbar Abdullaev and Gulnara Karimova receive fair sentences?

According to Russian mass-media, early this month, 60 CEOs and senior managers of large enterprises, were sentenced 5 to 15 years of imprisonment for a number of financial crimes and damage to the state. What is remarkable about this update, is that all of those crimes were related by tight connection with the name of Akbarali Abdullayev, a cousin of Gulnara Karimova, nonetheless nothing is reported about his sentence.

During the investigation that begun in September of 2014 a total of $190 million was confiscated from the members of the criminal group supervized by Gulnara Karimova, however Gulnara herself is not sentenced. Moreover nothing is reported about sentence for Gulnara’s cousin, Akbarali Abdullaev.

Recent report in cites names of others involved in the case;

In the period 2008-2012 Akbar Abdullaev Ibadullah, entered into a criminal conspiracy with Sherzod Akramov, Akramov Akbar and Akramov Zakirjon, with the aim to obtain illegal profits through criminal activity. They created an organized group enroling following people: Dadazhonov Aziz, Tojiboyev Muzaffar, Toshboev Vohobzhon, Toshtemirov Bokhodir, Yakubov Zhakhongir, Urmanov Uzganzhona, Tojiboyev Hasanboy, Tojiboyev Husanboy, Ziyaev Nodirkhon, Alimov Zhakhongir, Abdurahimov Muzaffar, Khalikova Iroda, Keldibekov Rustam, Umarov Nu’mon, Urunbaev Aumont, Khusanov Ubaidulla, Rohataliev Khurshid, Turdikulov Boymurata, Jurayev Khikmatullo, Baratov Zahirzhona, Abdurahmanov Komiljon, Hamidov Alijon, Ermuhamedov Shaukat, Asrakulova Rustam, Khodjaev Ahrorhona, Mingboev Muzaffar, Olimov Shuhratzhona, Amanova Nomonzhon, Teshaboyev Zafarzhon, Kalandarov Alikhon, Botirov Akmaljon, Shermatov Abdulhasan, Abdurakhmonov Zaylobidin, Hudaykulov Rasuljon, Ismatullaev Rahmatullo, Abdurakhmonov Zaylobidin, Hudaykulov Rasuljon, Ismatullaev Rahmatullo, Zhumamatov Ahmadjon, Kasymov Avaz, Sattorov Davron, Yusupov Avazbek, Mamanabiev Razzokzhon, Kamalov Mahmoud, Umaraliev Alisher, a citizen of Germany Raymiher Boris, Madmarov Hamitzhona, Toshpulatov Abdukhalil, Adyrmatov Akbar, Haydaraliev Abdafiz, Egamberdiev Farhod, Nabiyev Avaz, Isomidinov Abduvohid, Khusanov Kahhorzhon, unidentified persons during the investigation named “Nemat”, “Ikrom”, “Murod” and others.

After creating of the criminal group Akbarali Abdullaev “appointed” Sherzod Akramov to perform management of its criminal activities.

It is still unknown whether  Akbarali Abdullaev will be charged and sentenced for all the criminal activities, or escapes the justice alongside with Gulnara Karimova

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